Consumer Bulletin – How To Raise Your Home’s Value

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Given today’s buyer’s market, it’s important for sellers to be aware of certain market trends in order to pique the interest of buyers. In conjunction, it’s equally as important for sellers to be cognizant of their own home’s market value, a concern for many current sellers. Whether planning to sell in a couple of weeks, months or years, value is crucially important. If you have concern about your home’s assessment, there are plenty of ways to give it a swift boost before listing it on the market.

Refurbished rooms, such as basements, always go a long way in adding value to your property.Most basements are empty storage spaces that are rarely seen to any non-inhabitants. By turning the room into an entertainment area, bar or poker room, you add both value and character to the home — both traits that will be loved by buyers.

Some homeowners may want to consider adding a deck to their property. For warmer weather, decks offer a relaxing getaway for entertaining, grilling or simply expanding your living area. “When a homeowner adds a deck, their return on their investment is estimated to be about 76%,” says Mary Lynn Stone, President of Century 21 New Millennium.

Take a look at other properties in your neighborhood and match the improvements of your neighbors. However, getting the right size is important. “Make sure the deck isn’t too large for the home — it should not be any larger than a third of your home,” says Stone.

Every buyer loves to see a bathroom remodel and adding a master bath with more space will be monumental for home value. Renovating without putting in an addition is completely possible as long as you rework the space you already have. “Consider knocking out a closet to free up some more space,” suggests Stone. “If that isn’t possible, skylights, new tile and a brand new tub will also give the bathroom a fresh modern appeal that buyers and appraisers will love.”

In the same vein as re-doing your basement, why not take the same approach with your attic?Create an extra bedroom or guest room, adding as many energy-efficient windows as possible for added sunlight. Consider adding hardwood flooring, custom seating and large closets for added value. This new room will surely make your home unique and appealing to buyers, while also adding the desired value you’re seeking.

“There is no limit to the upgrades you can make when seeking to add value to your property,” says Stone.

“From room remodeling, fresh paint jobs, deck additions, and more, going the extra mile to bolster your home’s worth will provide you with an excellent and beneficial result.”

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