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Movin’ On Up

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Here’s a Ten Step Process to Help Move You Into a Larger House–and Pay Even Less a Month Than You Are Now! Buying a home can be a “hair-raising” experience. It can be a roller coaster of emotions… finding the right place… securing the loan… moving in. And if you’re like most of us, your home will be [...]


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It’s Against the Law to Discriminate To understand a real estate agent’s scope of duties and what an agent and can and cannot do for you, look first to federal and state regulations. Here are a few of the entities that govern or affect a real estate agent’s actions: Federal Fair Housing Act State Real [...]

Consumer Bulletin – How To Raise Your Home’s Value

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Given today’s buyer’s market, it’s important for sellers to be aware of certain market trends in order to pique the interest of buyers. In conjunction, it’s equally as important for sellers to be cognizant of their own home’s market value, a concern for many current sellers. Whether planning to sell in a couple of weeks, [...]