3 Ways to Improve the VALUE of Your Home

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3 Ways to Improve the VALUE of Your Home

Movin’ On Up

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Here’s a Ten Step Process to Help Move You Into a Larger House–and Pay Even Less a Month Than You Are Now! Buying a home can be a “hair-raising” experience. It can be a roller coaster of emotions… finding the right place… securing the loan… moving in. And if you’re like most of us, your home will be [...]

Make a Wise Real Estate Purchase

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Great Deals Just for Christmas! These offers go away December 24 so HURRY and Get Some Stocking Stuffers!!!

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What to Know Before Choosing a Loan

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Latest Fairfax County Real Estate Stats from Altos Research

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Altos Research Market Trend Reports offer an objective glimpse at the state of real estate in a particular area. In this case, click below to view the stats for Fairfax County, VA. Altos Research_FAIRFAX_Sep11

How To Sell Your Home Fast!

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Selling your home fast doesn’t have to be an impossible endeavor. In fact, even in today’s market you can still command a very reasonable price on your home within 90 days or less. And if you follow some proven steps that we’ll outline below, your turn around time could be much faster than expected. There [...]

Is Your Real Estate Agent Getting You Maximum Exposure?

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What can your real estate agent offer you? That is the question you ought to be asking yourself these days. With the huge shift in traditional marketing methods to the internet, and now social media/networking platforms online, it pays to do your homework before signing any contracts. Although nearly 90% of buyers and sellers are [...]

BEWARE! Shopping for a Mortgage….

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Shopping for a mortgage is one of the most important steps involved in purchasing your next home. Since the terms and conditions that you agree to will impact your financial future for years to come, it is vital that you take the necessary time to research and compare the best packages available to you. Many [...]

Homeowner’s Insurance – What You Need to Know

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In order to guard yourself from risk and liability, it is essential to invest in a homeowner’s insurance policy that will give you the protection you need. Although such policies are not a requirement by law, any mortgage company will require this as a stipulation to receiving your next home loan. Types of Policies Several [...]

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