Dealing with Atlanta’s Foreclosure Problem

Atlanta’s metro real estate market has seen its fair share of foreclosures, which is exerting its impact on some facets of the overall market.  Unless we can remedy the foreclosure problem, it will be an uphill battle for the Atlanta real estate market to rebound. Clayton is a stark reminder of the foreclosure problem affecting metro Atlanta. Case in point: there were 1,302 sales in Clayton last year – and 581 of those sales were bank sales. Tax Valuations Falling – But Not Enough Unfortunately, the foreclosures are impacting even the healthy homes in the area.  Says Clayton County’s chief appraiser, Rodney McDaniel: “I didn’t think we could go much lower than we did last year. But the foreclosure sales are really driving the assessments this year.” Property owners are bearing the brunt of the poor housing markets and the glut of foreclosures.  However, county tax appraisals are not changing as much, even as property values continue to plunge. Inconsistencies Still Exist... [Read more...]

You Purchased Your New Home: What To Tackle First?

You’ve finally made it! You bought your dream home and the movers just left. Now what? If you’re like most new homeowners, the stress of the move is really compounded the moment you look around your new home and really discover the work you have ahead of you. Although the process of unpacking and moving in may seem quite daunting, there is actually things you can do to ease yourself (and your family) into your new home. The first day in your new home will likely be chaotic as you wander aimlessly, from room to room, trying to make sense out of the piles of boxes surrounding you.  Thankfully, we have compiled a list of things that you should tackle as soon as you step foot into your new home. Unpack toiletries and medications – One of the best things you can do before you move is keep your essential medications and toiletries with you; these are generally not things to pack up and send off with the movers. Once you arrive in your new home, it is best to put all of your... [Read more...]

Get Your Home Ready for the Spring Real Estate Market

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the spring market, you should start early to get it sale-ready.  Depending on the upgrades your home needs, it could become very time consuming to complete them especially if you try to do the work in between your day job and family activities. Major overhauls like redoing bathrooms and kitchens aren’t necessary in order to sell your home.  If your bathrooms and kitchen could use updating you should consider whether spending the money to do it will result in a good return on your investment.  The most conservative approach to selling an outdated home is to price it accordingly.  Don’t expect to list it at the same price as the other homes for sale that have had upgrades. Even if yours doesn’t need updating there are a few minor changes you can make that will have a good return on your real estate investment.  The most significant changes you can make include: Updating the flooring Adding a fresh coat of paint De-cluttering Cleaning... [Read more...]