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Changes To DropRealty.com

October 20, 2010 by · 6 Comments 

This site has been around for a few years and has been primarily a blog directory where anyone with a real estate related blog could be listed provided they adhered to the requirements of being included in the directory. I don’t see that changing. If you are here looking for the blog directory, there is a link to it at the top and bottom of this page.

Throughout its history this site has always ranked very well in the major search engines which has resulted in it being found by anyone searching for DropRealty. This has ensured a steady stream of Realtors and others wanting to be listed in the directory.

There are also some individual WordPress blogs being hosted here that cover various market areas – you can see some of them on the Blogroll in the right sidebar.  Because search engines consider this site to be an “authority” on its subject, the blogs hosted here rank very well themselves in a short period of time – not only for “market area DropRealty” but also for “market area real estate” and of course for the subjects of the posts within each blog.

I had held off on further development of this site but at this point something needed to be done so changes are underway. The blogs currently on the site are here  because they are included in a package of websites that is provided by RNC Internet Services. I don’t see that changing either.

What may change however is that the site may be opened up to others that want to enjoy the enhanced internet presence that a blog on this site provides. I know that I will receive requests from Realtors wanting a blog on this site but  am unsure at this point how this will unfold.

I like the idea of providing free WordPress blogs that are supported by advertising. There are issues with going that route though.  As I have seen elsewhere, people scramble to start a blog which then sits unused – or spammers sign up just to start blogs full of spam and links.

Another route is to offer WordPress blogs for a small monthly or annual fee as a way of weeding out some of the less serious folks. Help in setting it all up  – i.e. making sure the right plugins are activated and configured and help with SEO would be included.

I have doubts about going this route too as probably only those few Realtors who actually understand the value of having a blog on an authority site would be interested. Not all DropRealty communities actually pass along the authority and PR in a search engine friendly manner but few people understand this. Starting a new blog in a unique domain generally would take longer and require a lot more work before it would begin ranking well and results were enjoyed.

If you have a preference or are interested in a blog here, please feel free to comment.

The format being used here in the main blog is the default blog that would be made available to interested Realtors. It allows for posts to be either a regular post (like this one) or a property listing with full property details, pictures etc. Any WordPress template can be used on this site though.

The blogs can also feature listings in a large slideshow on the main entry page of the Realtor’s blog which is a way of attracting traffic and encourages exploration of the site. IDX listings can be integrated as well depending on a Realtor’s existing IDX provider. .

I will be getting some more info up in the days ahead.


6 Responses to “Changes To DropRealty.com”
  1. BerStan says:

    I’d love to see you open this up to Realtors who write their own blogs. We could use all the visibility to make our investment of time to write thgouthful articles pay off.

  2. Cheryl Stimac says:

    I have a blog of my own and would appreciate your willingness to include all of us in your directory. My blog is at http://tampa-fl-realestate.blogspot.com/

  3. Ian Marshall says:

    I like the option of opening this site to Realtors and would encourage my agents to pay a nominal fee to get their blogs up and running with assistance. It would be advantageous for them to have the immediate exposure and rankings that your site offers. Good luck with however you play this out. I will be following you to see.

  4. Raleigh Real Estate says:

    I agree with Ian and like the option of opening this site to Realtors and would encourage my agents to pay a nominal fee to get their blogs up and running with assistance.

  5. Ron Reed says:

    I recently did something similar on my site. I installed WordPress Multi-User(MU) which recently became WordPress 3.0. So far – so good. It allows home buyers and sellers and opportunity to write their own blog within my site. Great for testimonials, etc. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks much,
    Ron Reed

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