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How Are The Free DropRealty Working Out?

January 8, 2011 by · 14 Comments 

We have been offering free DropRealty since November 2010 and many have signed up and have initiated blogs. For the vast majority of signups however, it stalls at that point.

The vast majority of blogs have just one post or worse – none. I have been a bit surprised at how few people actually complete the “About” section to change the generic instructions into information about themselves. Even those who have made a post or two have neglected to personalize the information.

As I mentioned in the initial posts about the free blogs being made available, you will need to actually write in the blog on a regular basis to appreciate results. Those who set up a blog and make one post and leave it at that will not see that post ranking in search engines and are really just wasting their time.

I get the feeling that many are treating the free blog as a way to make just one “doorway” page that targets a specific key phrase. That will not work. Neither will setting up the blog and waiting to see if it will rank before personalizing it and writing posts. Once again, you will need to write in the blog on a regular basis if you want to see results.

The 5% or so who are using the free blog the way it should be used are seeing results. Their blog posts rank on the first page in Google even for highly competitive and somewhat generic terms that are hard to rank for.

Because DropRealty.com is considered to be an authority site, it is easier to have a blog and articles within the blog rank highly in search engines. This site allows your efforts to be rewarded in a greater way than on any other DropRealty site and faster than if you developed your blog in a unique new domain yourself.

One thing that is apparent is that the vast majority of REALTORS may not have the knowledge and/or time to really make their blog and blog posts rank in search engines. At a minimum, some thought has to be given to the titles used for the blog and articles and the “About” section has to be personalized.

Some have expressed demand for a monthly paid option that offers help in setting up, managing, and optimizing the blog and having posts optimized on an ongoing basis. We are getting closer to offering that option as the need is definitely there. Those using the fully managed option would then just have to concern themselves with writing a few paragraphs on a semi regular basis to enjoy the benefits of being a successful blogger.


14 Responses to “How Are The Free DropRealty Working Out?”
  1. David - Memphis Realtor says:

    This is funny I was just commenting how blogs are alot of work. You’re right it’s amazing the mischief you could accomplish with a blog on a well ranked site. If people would put a little effort on here and then go to fiverr and get an xrumer blast they could really accomplish things.

  2. Jose Dias says:

    I am a REALTOR in Arizona and started blogging in 2010. I can relate to your post. One of the biggest challenges we face is to find the time to sit in front of the computer and write. Typical agents work long hours and end up not finding the time to write and update their blogs on a regular basis.

    My problem when I first started was to find a good rhythm. At first I was posting every day, sometimes even twice or three times a day. After a few days I got tired and almost quit. At that time I realized that writing a blog is more than just another marketing tool to try to find leads. It is also about the pleasure of writing about something we love.

    Once I stopped being too concerned with page rankings and SEO and volume of material, I started enjoying the experience. Now I write a few posts per week. Some are short and more focused. Some are longer and more elaborate. I still try to leverage my posts to get more exposure. But this is no longer my top priority. My main concern is to write about something I am passionate about and engage my readers.

    And back to the point of your post. I believe the service you are planning to provide (help REALTORS with their keywords, titles, SEO) will appeal to a lot of professionals. The challenge is to find a way to do it for an affordable price.

  3. Charles Blumenkehl says:

    Blogging has its commercial place, helping keyword SEO, title and so on. But blogging is also reflective of its authors knowledge of the subject, and ability to serve as a resource to those interested in the subject. I have been in Real Estate over 30 years, and it makes sense I must’ve learned a little, and quite frankly, I enjoy imparting my knowledge and keeping my finger on the pulse of the cutting edge in our business, reading opinions of other informed practitioners.
    If you’re going to blog, say something worth reading.

  4. paradiserealestate says:


    I am a realtor in South Lake Tahoe, CA and I already have a wordpress blog. Can I syndicate my blog with your site, so that it can be found both places?

  5. admin says:

    If you have a blog post elsewhere that is already ranking well in Google for a keyword search, duplicating that content here will not cause you to have two results showing up in Google’s search results. When Google comes across duplicate content it will pick one to display – it will not display both.

  6. Jason says:

    I had always been scraed of running a blog but finally took the plunge this year. It has amazed me how my google rankings have improved since we started blogging, tweeting and using facebook.

  7. Kelly Ramirez says:

    This is a great article! Thanks for the information.

  8. Mike Smith says:

    Super agreed! I believe the people who are creating the free blogs are seriously messing up the SERPs and the reputation of the blog itself in the eye of search engine. I seriously appreciate the Google content farmer update (did not get affected anyways…) because it pull down all the low quality content from the search engines and one can see considerably better results on search engine.

    I think this post is very thought provoken and by this I think people should understand and learn the ethics of running blog.

  9. northeastpa says:

    Hey (Perky here from AO forum) I just signed up for this – decided to click the ad on the Agents Online forum and thought I’d start up another blog…then I realized I think I signed up for this before and never did anything with it and forgot it…did I? I’m such a scatter brain / absent minded professor. Can you search and see if I have another blog associated with my email address?

    Can I get a custom domain for this blog ?

  10. joeltax says:

    Blogging is a lot of work but benefitial when clients read the information I supply and decide to run with me for their listings.

  11. Marketing Survivalkit says:

    It is necessary to enjoy writing if there’s going to be a snowball’s chance of sustaining your blogging for any period of time. One way to take the “chore” out of blogging is to get in the habit, throughout the day, of asking yourself if this experience or comment or problem would make a good topic for today’s blog. Realtors meet so many people and situations during the day, that there should never be a scarcity of things to write, rant, or muse about. You just have to make sure to make a mental (or written) note of the incident or conversation before it’s forgotten.

  12. John Niezgoda says:

    DropRealtyging is a great way to increase your website ranking and get traffic. If you have a blog, I urge you to optimize it using good keywords found in the search engines. WordPress has tremendous optimization options in it.

  13. Jack Rady says:

    Our office is fortunate in that we have a full time staff member who handles the day to day SEO part of our real estate business. I can tell you from watching him work that there are so man y working parts to SEO and blogging is just one of them. Also, as the post above states, you have to be active for it to work.

    It doesn’t matter if your site looks great, if you donr have on-going relevant content then no one will find you to read or see that wonderful looking website.

  14. Daniel Moskowitz says:

    Consistent blogging has always been one of the most challenging disciplines of operating a successful website. The SERPs are certainly enhanced by back-linking from blogs, but for some search engines it seems those sites in the top 7 for prime keywords manage to be glued in place. In fact, some of them have minimal effort in on-site SEO and really make you wonder what makes them so strong? Perhaps longevity accompanied by basic, static html?!?! So, where should we spend our time?

    I agree that in real estate there is a tremendous opportunity to gain the respect of prospective clients from the value in one’s written input. Beyond the discipline challenge of maintaining regular bloggers, the enticement of lead generation from the blog site combined with the SEO benefit may also be the cause of lost interest in continued blogging and low retention rate of consistent bloggers.

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