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Using One Of The Free Blogs To Syndicate Content From Elsewhere Is Not Allowed

July 21, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

Using One Of The Free Blogs To Syndicate Content From Elsewhere Is Not Allowed.

Several weeks ago I was asked to activate a plugin under the pretense that the plugin made RSS feeds Google friendly. I activated the plugin but have since found out the plugin actually is designed for something different. It syndicates content from other blogs and websites into one of our free blogs by linking to the content on the other blogs and sites.

This pretty much turns a free blog into a link farm with links going to other  sites designed to boost the ranking of those other sites and blogs in search engines. There is no original content on the free blogs as far as visitors and search engines are concerned and once set up it is on automatic. Since all of the content other than a sentence or two is actually viewed by readers on other sites, the ads which support the free blogs are bypassed.

This is contrary to the purpose of the free blogs and the terms under which they are offered. As per the post of November, 2010 – “One of the stipulations is that any blog here would have to have actual content on it pertaining to real estate and not just be a link farm. You will need to actually write in the blog on a regular basis to appreciate results. Free blogs that have been ignored for a long period of time may be considered abandoned and could be suspended or deleted. You can’t just start a blog, put up a post and a few links back to your website and then forget about the blog. The blog has to be used on a fairly regular basis.”

I am disabling the plugin that enables the syndication.






2 Responses to “Using One Of The Free Blogs To Syndicate Content From Elsewhere Is Not Allowed”
  1. Martina Webster says:

    Good! A link farm defeats the purpose for a DropRealty directory. I am glad the blogs are being watched.

  2. Steven McPherson says:

    I have had the same thing happen to my blog as well, there is a lot of the link stealing, as I call it from many different blogs, I have also noticed that many of them do not even relate to the same categories or even the same niche, since I have had people register and have their posts and comments moderated I have not had that happen, you have to be careful now a days as to who you let post and link to your blog, putting in all the hard work that goes along with having a blog should not be utilizes by others who are to lazy to put in the work it takes themselves.

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