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Real Estate Industry Professionals Invited To Write For Local Blogs

June 8, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

We are inviting local real estate industry professionals to contribute to city or market area specific blogs. Writing for one of our blogs is an excellent way to promote yourself and an excellent way to promote your website with some valuable links!

Back in October 2010 when we were first contemplating adding an actual blog component to the existing popular directory of DropRealty, I wrote “I like the idea of providing free WordPress blogs that are supported by advertising. There are issues with going that route though. As I have seen elsewhere, people scramble to start a blog which then sits unused – or spammers sign up just to start blogs full of spam and links.”

Unfortunately that is exactly what happened so a few months ago we discontinued offering free DropRealty. After some consideration, we are continuing to offer blogs for free but they will not be exclusive. We will set up a blog for any city or market area requested by a local real estate industry professional but that local professional will not be the only person writing in the blog. Other local professionals would be invited to participate as well.

Having multiple writers would help to ensure that the blogs stay fresh and keep the blog from becoming a bit of a link farm to just one website. Recent changes to Google’s algorithm has made that ineffective and undesirable. Having multiple writers helps to make the local blogs an “authority” and enhances the power of the links out from your posts. We would ask that you only link out back to one of your websites once from each post you write and not try to link to multiple pages on one site or try to link to more than one of your websites. If you want more links simply write more posts.

DropRealty.com is already an “authority” in the eyes of search engines and that is passed along to the individual blogs allowing them to rank quickly and rank well. It also gives links out form the blogs great value. Writing for our local city or market area blogs is an excellent way to promote yourself and your website!

If you are a real estate industry professional and would like to contribute articles to a blog for a particular city or market area please use this form to let us know of your interest and which city or market area you wish to write for.

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