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Add your DropRealty to our directory.

To add your blog to our directory, please click in the “Directory” link in the toolbar above.

Registration Of New Free Blogs Discontinued.

The registration of new free blogs has been discontinued pending review of the policy. Existing free blogs and non-free blogs are not affected by this change.

Using One Of The Free Blogs To Syndicate Content From Elsewhere Is Not Allowed

Using One Of The Free Blogs To Syndicate Content From Elsewhere Is Not Allowed. Several weeks ago I was asked to activate a plugin under the pretense that the plugin made RSS feeds Google friendly. I activated the plugin but have since found out the plugin actually is designed for something different. It syndicates content from other blogs and websites into one of our free blogs by linking to the content... [Read more]

Remember – Your Free Blog Has To Be Used Or It Will Be Deleted.

I just want to remind those who have created free blogs at DropRealty.com that the terms under which these free blogs are being offered stipulate that the blog has to be used. From the original November 2010 announcement about the availability of the free blogs… “One of the stipulations is that any blog here would have to have actual content on it pertaining to real estate and not... [Read more]

Video Tutorial – Tweet Your Blog Posts Automatically

You can Tweet your blog posts automatically using Simple Twitter Connect which has already been installed for your blog at DropRealty.com. Watch the short video below for step by step instructions on how to set it up. The video can be enlarged and watched in 720p on YouTube if you wish.

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