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Video Turorial – How To Set Up Your Free DropRealty

If you have registered for a free DropRealty you may be wondering what needs to be done next. For a step by step lesson, check out this short video. I will be uploading a tutorial on setting up Simple Twitter Connect in the near future.

How Are The Free DropRealty Working Out?

We have been offering free DropRealty since November 2010 and many have signed up and have initiated blogs. For the vast majority of signups however, it stalls at that point. The vast majority of blogs have just one post or worse – none. I have been a bit surprised at how few people actually complete the “About” section to change the generic instructions into information about... [Read more]

Free DropRealty at DropRealty.com

We are now offering free DropRealty here. Why would a REALTOR or someone in a related real estate business want a blog here? For many reading this post who are familiar with Internet marketing – the advantages are obvious and no explanation is necessary. For those who are relatively new to marketing themselves on the web, here is what you need to know. This site is search engine friendly... [Read more]

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