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Get What You Need From The House You Have

Check this link from Houzz.com – some great ideas on making a room you want out of a room you currently have – fabulous ideas! Get What You Need From The House You Have

Possession Day Checklist

Clean, clean and clean some more.  Dirty homes on possession day are so disheartening – to watch the faces of first time buyers who are so excited to be at the stage they are at only to walk into a house filled with someone else’s grime…..  Even worse if we’ve done a walk-through the day before and made comments on what didn’t get done to seller’s agent – only to find the same shortfalls the next day.  “Clean” is a relative term and everyone can interpret it differently but there is no mistaking cupboards, floors and appliances that need soap, water and a garbage bag to clean them out.  Make a checklist ahead of time of all that needs to be done – make certain all the items are checked off before you walk out the door for the last time and  leave a clean house behind you as you would want to find when you walk into your new home.

Online Room Planner

  I have to share a site I just found today…http://www.urbanbarn.com/Room-Planner   I am a fan of Urban Barn so this Room Planner was just icing on the cake.  Take any room you have – either use their templates or create your own room shape – add windows, closets, etc and start planning!!  Awesome!

Priced To Sell

I Have An Offer On My House Already!!! Fabulous news!  You just listed your house, showing booked already and lo and behold in comes an offer – super! Now, is the first thought that crosses your mind “did I list high enough?”.  If so, you wouldn’t be the first.  BUT – if your Realtor® did their job and their homework, the reason you have a quick showing(s) and offer is BECAUSE it was priced appropriately.  If you are priced too low, the market will dictate and there is a good chance you will be receiving competing offers (which is even better for you!). Sometimes, a seller may be quick to think they have a goldmine in their house in this scenario – may think if offer isn’t full asking price to hold out for a better one.  This isn’t to say just accept the first offer that comes along but if you indeed are presented with a very good offer, it is in your best interest to work with it and possibly come to an agreement.  Your Realtor® will... [Read more...]

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!

     I couldn’t resist when I saw these words “Don’t Forget To Be Awesome” as I was trolling through Pinterest.  It made me think of my days – both work and home – and how different the end result can be when you “Don’t Forget To Be Awesome”.  We all have our favourite co-workers, colleagues or people we regularly refer clients to – have you ever thought of why?  Take a moment and think of the reasons and apply them to your own daily routine.  Why do I have certain lenders/lawyers that I refer clients to – because they’re  awesome!  When I send an email and get a quick response back – Awesome! When I leave a voice mail and get any acknowledgement back that it has been received – Awesome!  When I’ve asked for an opinion and the reply back is opinion plus going above and beyond with some extra advice – Awesome!  When my clients give me excellent feedback on someone I’ve referred... [Read more...]

Buyers Want My House, Not My Stuff – They Can See Past Clutter, Right?

Um…. – not always.  Number 1 – the ultimate goal is to sell your home so why not do everything you can right from the get go and get it SOLD!! Yes, it’s true that some buyers can see past clutter/dirty/messy but not all of them can and here’s the thing – you have no way of knowing which type of buyer is coming through your door.  The clutter/dirty/messy just evokes lower offers from potential buyers because all they see is what they feel has to be done.  An even further down-side to this is that the price offered (if offered at all) is usually substantially less than what it would cost to do all the things they want done. Easy solution is to put your “best foot forward” right from the start.  The more effort you put into getting your home on the market in peak condition, typically the shorter time it takes to sell – that is win/win for everyone!  Quick accepted offers can mean less stress, fewer showings and less disruption in your... [Read more...]

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