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Registration Of New Free Blogs Discontinued.

The registration of new free blogs has been discontinued pending review of the policy. Existing free blogs and non-free blogs are not affected by this change.

Using One Of The Free Blogs To Syndicate Content From Elsewhere Is Not Allowed

Using One Of The Free Blogs To Syndicate Content From Elsewhere Is Not Allowed. Several weeks ago I was asked to activate a plugin under the pretense that the plugin made RSS feeds Google friendly. I activated the plugin but have since found out the plugin actually is designed for something different. It syndicates content from other blogs and websites into one of our free blogs by linking to the content on the other blogs and sites. This pretty much turns a free blog into a link farm with links going to other  sites designed to boost the ranking of those other sites and blogs in search engines. There is no original content on the free blogs as far as visitors and search engines are concerned and once set up it is on automatic. Since all of the content other than a sentence or two is actually viewed by readers on other sites, the ads which support the free blogs are bypassed. This is contrary to the purpose of the free blogs and the terms under which they are offered. As per the post of... [Read more...]

Remember – Your Free Blog Has To Be Used Or It Will Be Deleted.

I just want to remind those who have created free blogs at DropRealty.com that the terms under which these free blogs are being offered stipulate that the blog has to be used. From the original November announcement about the availability of the free blogs… “One of the stipulations is that any blog here would have to have actual content on it pertaining to real estate and not just be a link farm. You will need to actually write in the blog on a regular basis to appreciate results. Free blogs that have been ignored for a long period of time may be considered abandoned and could be suspended or deleted. You can’t just start a blog, put up a post and a few links back to your website and then forget about the blog. The blog has to be used on a fairly regular basis.” In other words, do not treat the blogs like an article site where you write one post that links back to your website and never return. If you do, you are wasting your time.

Video Tutorial – Tweet Your Blog Posts Automatically

You can Tweet your blog posts automatically using Simple Twitter Connect which has already been installed for your blog at DropRealty.com. Watch the short video below for step by step instructions on how to set it up. The video can be enlarged and watched in 720p on YouTube if you wish.

Video Turorial – How To Set Up Your Free DropRealty

If you have registered for a free DropRealty you may be wondering what needs to be done next. For a step by step lesson, check out this short video. I will be uploading a tutorial on setting up Simple Twitter Connect in the near future.

How Are The Free DropRealty Working Out?

We have been offering free DropRealty since November and many have signed up and have initiated blogs. For the vast majority of signups however, it stalls at that point. The vast majority of blogs have just one post or worse – none. I have been a bit surprised at how few people actually complete the “About” section to change the generic instructions into information about themselves. Even those who have made a post or two have neglected to personalize the information. As I mentioned in the initial posts about the free blogs being made available, you will need to actually write in the blog on a regular basis to appreciate results. Those who set up a blog and make one post and leave it at that will not see that post ranking in search engines and are really just wasting their time. I get the feeling that many are treating the free blog as a way to make just one “doorway” page that targets a specific key phrase. That will not work. Neither will setting... [Read more...]

Free DropRealty at DropRealty.com

We are now offering free DropRealty here. Why would a REALTOR or someone in a related real estate business want a blog here? For many reading this post who are familiar with Internet marketing – the advantages are obvious and no explanation is necessary. For those who are relatively new to marketing themselves on the web, here is what you need to know. This site is search engine friendly and has ranked at the top of search engines since its inception for DropRealty related keywords. Google has given the site high Page Rank and some of that is passed on to your new blog. For those unfamiliar with the concept that is an important factor in allowing your new blog here to rank quickly. You begin to see traffic to your blog a lot quicker than if you started a new blog in a new domain or on another blog site. The links on this site can also be followed by search engines which allows you to use your blog to better promote any other sites you may have. Unlike other real estate... [Read more...]